second day on Hirta

Finally found the error.. apparently our automatic antenna tuner has some unknown error. Although it looks ok, I think that it eats all the power … even S9 + 20dB Signals that we receive don’t seem to hear us. We had a spare one, just installed it, so we are now able to use the vertical. Hope it works well tonight:)
Radio operation from St.Kilda is not easy. The only place that we are allowed to erect antenna’s is on the campsite. There is a reasonable take off in the direction of mainland Europe, all the rest is blocked by high mountains. Well, high… 300 some meters. High for me, I climbed one today 🙂
Jan, ON4CO
PS: The weather is not ok for Kilda… temperature looks and feels like 20 degrees or so.
:stop —– At 11/07/2017 06:50 UTC the position of ON4CO & ON4GS was 57°48.72’N 008°33.93’W

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