We landed on St.Kilda!

Boy, what an epic sea trip this was (10 July 2017). First Boraraigh and then Hirta doomed up over the horizon. Gannets flying in formation on a fishing trip, HI. Never seen sea stacs… Here we are at St.Kilda updating our blog over Winlink HF. Currently, CW and SSB QSO’s in the log. We need to keep monitoring WX conditions should we need to scramble sooner then anticipated.
Gert, ON4GS

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  1. Tnx Gert fer 30m CW QSO, enjoy your time @EU-059. I remeber my vacation last year @Harris&Lewis – a beautifull place ! This Year we will travel to Irland to see the Wild Atlantic Way.
    73 GD DX de DG1HXJ

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