Gert, ON4GS, participating with a main interest to activate St. Kilda (EU-059) and the Outer-Hebrides (EU-010). Before May 2016, I was licensed as ON3SWY. Next to SSB and Digital Modes, I am also active as a CW operator for over 3 years (so don’t expect years of experience). If weather conditions allow for it, I intend to try activating a SOTA summit. I am always happy to send and receive QSL cards.

Jan, OS5A (ON4CO), ham radio operator and hobby bird photographer… No, I am not a twitcher, just somebody who wants to go to special places to take pictures of birds. My favourite spot is Shetland, and more in particular Fair Ilse. Somewhere else on this web-page you’ll find an article that I wrote on the subject. Next to being a ‘birder’ I am still a HAM. First licensed way back in ’95 I’ve held the successive callsigns ON1DLK and ON4CHO. I acquired my new callsign ON4CO in March ’06. Then in 2010 I got hold of the OS5A vanity callsign as well. As you can see in our picture’s, we are also active on 10 GHz.