Transportation to St. Kilda

Did you know, in contrast to what the shape of Hirta hints at, the entire archipelago are the remains of an ancient vulcano?

We are closing in on the grand prize of our voyage…

The Village Bay on a marvelous day

Gert, ON4GS, starting his SOTA attempt

On his way up, attacked by Bonxies (Great Skua) protecting its territory, SOTA is not risk-free.

Reaching the hill-top, SOTA Summit Conachair GM/SI-098

From the top of Hirta you can easily spot the other islands. On the picture: Bororay and its neighbouring stacs

The ever elusive un-activated (July 2017) SOTA summit, Bioda Mor on Dun island (GM/SI-212) shot through binoculars aka far-away-looking-glasses, HI

Jan, OS5A, photographing the fabulous sceneray and seabirds

Celebrating on our way back to Leverburgh, Harris