Jan, ON4CO (OS5A) and Gert, ON4GS will be setting up a DXpedition to the archipelago of St. Kilda EU-059. The intended timeframe to activate St. Kilda is from 10th July through 14th July 2017. A successful landfall on Hirta is highly dependent on weather conditions which might interfere with time schedules.

The Outer Hebrides (EU-010) might be activated as well as an alternative or during travel to and from the archipelago. The DXpedition is equipped to operate on all HF bands (160-10m). Main activity will be in SSB and CW, digital modes optionally. QSL via bureau and LoTW.

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Gert, ON4GS, participating with a main interest to activate St. Kilda (EU-059) and the Outer-Hebrides (EU-010). Before May 2016, I was licensed as ON3SWY. Next to SSB and Digital Modes, I am also active as a CW operator for over 3 years (so don’t expect years of experience). If weather conditions allow for it, I intend to try activating a SOTA summit. I am always happy to send and receive QSL cards.

Jan, OS5A (ON4CO), ham radio operator and hobby bird photographer… No, I am not a twitcher, just somebody who wants to go to special places to take pictures of birds. My favourite spot is Shetland, and more in particular Fair Ilse. Somewhere else on this web-page you’ll find an article that I wrote on the subject. Next to being a ‘birder’ I am still a HAM. First licensed way back in ’95 I’ve held the successive callsigns ON1DLK and ON4CHO. I acquired my new callsign ON4CO in March ’06. Then in 2010 I got hold of the OS5A vanity callsign as well. As you can see in our picture’s, we are also active on 10 GHz.



Strong Winds

Before we left the St. Kilda archipelago our skipper took us on a trip around and between the magnificent and giant sea stacs. What we saw cannot be described by words. Did you know remains of 2000BC settlement activity is still visible on Bororay? Because we were required to leave the island sooner, we had …